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Shameez was born and raised in South Africa. She lives there with her husband, child and two cats named Turbo and Charger.

She considers herself a professional binge-watcher and fangirl. Don’t be surprised to bump into her dressed as a Hobbit or Lady Loki. Should you need anything from her, offer a choc-chip cookie and her heart is yours forever. 

Shameez fell in love with fiction at a young age. Her parents fondly recall receiving her first handwritten story before the age of ten, titled The Treasures of Zombie Island, which surprisingly featured no zombies at all. She has been writing ever since. 

FAVORITE DARK HAIRED CHARACTER: It's a tie between Loki, Vegeta, Kovu and Zuko and no, I don't have a "type", what do you mean?

IF YOU WERE AN INANIMATE OBJECT WHAT WOULD YOU BE? A well-used, well-loved handbag that got you through some rough times, but very clearly looks that way too. And yes, no, we don't know what that stain is. 

WHY DO YOU WRITE? Because I love it and if I don't, these characters in my head won't leave me alone.

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